Twitter Goes Crazy After FLOTUS' Prayer

Who would have thought that this moment would unleash holy hell on Twitter? 

After reciting the Lord's Prayer, the Twitter universe went crazy, with people throwing insults at the First Lady.

Here are just a few of what was circulating on Twitter after it. 

Some were concerned that the First Lady had somehow violated the separation between church and state.

She did not.

First, while the First Amendment of the Constitution bars an establishment of a national religion, it makes no direct reference to a separation between church and state. (The Supreme Court has interpreted the establishment clause to 'infer a wall of separation' between church and state.)

Second, the First Lady is not an elected official, even if she were, it wouldn't matter because many U.S. Presidents have openly used Christian prayers while in office.  

President Obama, for example, prayed 'every day' according to the White House press release and often offered prayers at public events.  

President George W. Bush, a born-again Christian, also offered prayers in public as did Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both Baptists.  Carter actually taught Sunday school while he was in the White House. Clinton regularly used religious language in his speeches. 

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