Thousands of Japanese men gather for naked festival

Over the weekend, thousands of Japanese men wearing nothing but skimpy loincloths braved freezing temperatures to gather at the annual Naked Man Festival.

A writhing mass of sweaty men clamored all over each other, trying to catch sacred batons thrown out by priests.

Around 10,000 people celebrating the religious gathering stepped under ice-cold fountains to purify their bodies, before risking their lives in the massive pit of people.

Mechanic and attendee Kazuhiko Nishigami said:

"It can get very rough.  You have to write down your blood type on a form and tuck it into your loincloth in case you get seriously hurt."

Many of the men are drunk on beer and sake, and get into fights with each other.

High priest Zenko Tsuboi says the festival is not about violence, even if police and firefighters have to show up frequently.

He said:

"Those who catch the charms will prosper and receive a bumper harvest...We want to remind people this is a religious festival so we have become much stricter these days about alcohol and rough behavior."

If you're looking to travel, and you're a man looking to do something...different.  Perhaps the Naked Man Festival is for you.

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