Anti-Trumpers out in the streets again for 'Not My President's Day'

Today is President's Day, so a lot of people have the day off from work.  Opponents of President Trump are using their time off to march in the streets and again declare that he's not their president.

For them today is 'Not My President's Day.'

Olga Lexell, one of the organizers, told CNN that the point of the nationwide demonstrations is to show Trump that there's widespread opposition to his policies and "ridiculous" executive orders:

"A lot of people are angry because he lost the popular vote and is ruling like somebody who won by a landslide."

In New York merchants sold t-shirts reading "Not My President" and "Elected but not chosen."  Marchers screamed:

"In the name of humanity, fascist America -- No! No! No! No! No!" 

Here in Los Angeles, protesters met at City Hall and chanted:

"No ban, no wall!"

Lexell said the 'Not My President's Day' protests were meant to "keep the momentum up" between the Women's Day March and Tax Day on April 15th.

Read more at CNN.

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