I'm in the talk radio business, which means I see a LOT of news every day....a lot of negative, polarizing and horrifying news each day.

So my goal each day is to find the GOOD news, something to take my mind off of all of the negative stuff. 

The video you're about to see reminds me every day why I like animals more than the majority of people I encounter in everyday life.  We can learn SO MUCH from animals.

This cat just could've walked away while this little puppy struggled to get out of a ditch, but the cat just couldn't do that.  Watch what happens.

Then I saw this.  To be clear, I always knew Lady Gaga was extremely talented (albeit sometimes a little weird) in her raw form.

I thought her Super Bowl performance was spectacular, and this proves it even more.  Take a listen to the audio of just her vocal feed.  THIS, my friends, is a REAL performer. 

If you want more, here's the microphone only feed of her Saturday Night Live performance of her song, Million Reasons. 

And, just because she's awesome, you should see this video too, to see just a hint of how she gives back to others. 

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