Drug catapult found at U.S.-Mexico border

It's almost comical, but it's what really goes on at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mexican border authorities followed up on a tip and found a catapult used to throw bundles of marijuana and other drugs from Agua Prieta over the border to Douglas, Arizona.

Agents in Douglas said last week that they sensed suspicious activity when a group of men ran away as they approached them.

When the agents got to the south side of the border fence, they discovered a catapult attached to it.

Nearby they found two bundles of marijuana weighing more than 47 pounds combined.

There was no reports of arrests made associated with the incident.

The catapult system of drug smuggling is nothing new.  In recent years, some smugglers have even used air cannons to launch drugs over the border.

In September, Mexican authorities seized a modified van used for launching drugs with an air cannon.

Inside the van was an air compressor, a gas engine, a storage tank, and a 3-meter metal tube which was described as a "homemade bazooka."

Read more at Fox News.

Catapults?  Bazookas?  Who's smuggling drugs down there, Wile E. Coyote?

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