Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data

Verizon is bringing back an unlimited data plan for its customers after more than five years.

The phone carrier announced on Sunday that the plan, dubbed Verizon Unlimited, will be available beginning on Feb. 13. Plans will cost $80 a month for an individual line or $45 a line for a group of four smartphones or tablets. The unlimited plans are available to current and new subscribers.

Verizon’s unlimited plan is most affordable if four lines are included. Having four lines maintains the $45 per month per line price. Three lines on the plan amounts to $54 per month per line, and two lines work out to cost $70 per month.

The moves comes as its competitors have been promoting their own versions of the unlimited plan. T-Mobile replaced all existing plans with an unlimited one called T-Mobile One back in August.

Verizon’s plan is on the costlier side compared to its major competitors: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. AT&T’s unlimited plan is the most expensive at $100 per month. T-Mobile One costs $70 per month and Sprint’s plan costs $60 per month.

Technically, the plan isn’t unlimited. Each line on Verizon’s plan will be allowed 22GB of mobile data. However, this is similar to other carriers, which allot a greater amount of data to serve as their respective unlimited plans.

In addition to the unlimited plan, Verizon will also maintain its other data plans. They include the 5GB a month plan, in addition to its “S”, “M” and “L” plans, which start at $35 per month for LTE data.

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