“The Flying Bum” is back and better than ever

I like big blimps and I cannot lie.

It may seem unbelievable, but the world’s largest aircraft is shaped like a big butt. Airlander 10, also known as “The Flying Bum”, is back and better than ever.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), the makers of “The Flying Bum”, launched the campaign for this 300-foot long aircraft back in May 2015. The ship was purposefully crafted to provide transportation without the hassle of using a runway. It also poses as a cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable alternative to other transport aircraft. However in August 2016, Airlander 10 crashed at its own airfield base in Bedfordshire, England just after its second test flight.

After much investigation and several technical fixes, the butt blimp has returned and is ready to be sky high. CEO Stephen McGlennan of Hybrid Air Vehicles admits, "We’re delighted to have made the progress we have in our repairs and look forward to restarting our test flight programme soon."

There is no news of when Airlander will next take to the sky yet, but definitely keep a look out for a giant bum flying overhead.  It probably won’t be hard to miss.

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