Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz on Obamacare

Last night, two titans of the 2016 election went head to head over the state of America's healthcare system.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Texas Senator Ted Cruz were on opposite sides of almost every major issue during a CNN town hall style debate.

Sanders says Republicans repealing Obamacare is a bad financial move. 

"That means when you get sick, you ain't gonna be able to go to the doctor. And when you end up in the hospital, you'll be paying those bills for the rest of your life, or maybe you'll go bankrupt."

Cruz fired back saying his party is against insurance companies cancelling people's coverage, and that all of the GOP proposals to replace Obamacare will:

"Prohibit companies from jacking up the insurance rates because they got sick or injured."

Both men took questions from audience members, some of whom say Obamacare saved their life.

So far no replacement has actually been proposed by Republicans, but in his closing statement Cruz promised that the new system will give Americans freedom of choice for their health care. 

Check out the full debate below!

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