Success From Bows -- Mo's Bows


Moziah "Mo" Bridges used to watch his dad dress for work, and what struck him about it was the care his dad took in always looking nice.

That gave Mo an idea. He liked bow ties, so he thought, 'what if I create my OWN bow ties?'

So, he asked his mother and grandmother to help teach him how to sew, and he started his own company, Mo's Bows.

With the help of his family, he created a website and went to a few local businesses in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, to see if they would stock his ties to sell.  

They took him up on the offer and suddenly, Mo was having a hard time keeping up with demand.

And then, in 2012, he got national attention after appearing on The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America and being mentioned in Oprah's O Magazine.

Things started getting really busy, so Mo and his mother Tramica, auditioned for Shark Tank.  In 2014, they got their chance to present their pitch to the sharks to see if they could get some help in expanding their brand.  You can hear Bill tell the rest of the story below.      

Check out the Mo's Bows Website.

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