Matthew McConaughey and Morgan Freeman tell people to give Trump a chance

These two A-list celebrities are going against the Hollywood norm by telling people to give President Trump a chance. 

Morgan Freeman was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter during the election but he told AARP that Trump being president "feels like we are jumping off a cliff. We just have to find out how we land.” The 79-year-old did not seem pessimistic or jaded about Trump's win. 

Matthew McConaughey called on celebrities in Hollywood to try and embrace Trump even if they did not agree with everything he does.  The Texas-native  told ChannelFI: 

"Well, they don’t have a choice now. He's our president, and, it’s very dynamic and as divisive of an Inauguration and time as we've had. At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact. And be constructive with him over the next four years. So anyone, even those who may strongly disagree with his principles or things he’s said and done — and that’s another thing, we’ll see what he does compares to what he has said — no matter how much you even disagreed along the way, it’s time to think about how constructive can you be."

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