Whittier man accused of dumping his father with dementia in England

Since November 2015, police in England have been trying to find out where an American man with dementia came from, when they found him at a bus station parking lot in the city of Hereford.

He had no ID on him and wasn't able to tell police anything about himself.

So they placed him in a nursing home and plastered a pictures of him all over the news, asking who he was.

The man said his name was Roger Curry, but months passed and police still had no idea who Roger Curry was.

Finally,  investigative journalist Darragh MacIntyre was able to track Curry to a house in Whittier, a house which burned down in 2014.

Now authorities in L.A. County are are trying to determine if Curry's son, Kevin, flew his dad to England and ditched him.

Neighbor Jerry Maiques told CBS LA:

“He kept telling us that he couldn’t find a place to take him. It didn’t seem right to me."

He added that he once called the police when he saw Curry wandering in the yard, confused and dehydrated.

Maiques also said that Kevin Curry's stories didn't always add up.

BBC reporters tried to get comments from Kevin, but he pulled his hoodie over his face and said nothing.

What a creep.

The elder Curry is now back in California, and in a care facility in L.A.

Read more at CBSLA.

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