Late Night Hosts Take on Trump's Immigration Ban

Late Night hosts have long relished the opportunity to take shots at the President (no matter which side of the aisle is in charge), but, after Trump's executive order banning immigration from seven countries for ninety days, Colbert, Corden and Meyers all let their feelings be known about the subject. 

First up is Seth Meyers who took 'A Closer Look' at Trump's immigration ban, and the mass confusion that resulted among government agencies. Meyers attempts to bring together all of Trump's actions over the last ten days, hoping to distill them into something resembling context. 

"In just the first week of his presidency, Trump has dropped to record-low approval ratings, had two straight weekends of massive nationwide protests, and lost a court battle over a sloppy and discriminatory executive order. Even Trump's staff seemed confused and uninformed about the order."

Or as Meyers puts it, "It's only been a week, but the Trump administration has already revealed itself to be a government of incompetent authoritarians with nothing but contempt for many of the very basic constitutional principals this country has cherished since its founding."

Meyers isn't the only late night host using his platform to protest Trump. James Corden, host of the Late Late Show shot a short film as he easily flew out of LAX during the initial protest to Trump's immigration ban. 

Using a GoPro, Corden gets through airport security (with a minimum of hassle), orders a grilled cheese, and boards his flight. 

At the end, a title card appears with the words: "Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones." 

But it was Late Show's Stephen Colbert (back for his first show since Trump was inaugurated) who managed to sum up many people's feelings over the last week. "The line moves really fast on this ride. You just get back on the roller coaster and start throwing up." 

We'll have to see what Trump's next four years brings for the late night hosts to talk about.

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