Girl Scout Pens Brutally Honest Review of cookies

We all love Girl Scout Cookie season.

This year, they have a NEW cookie.... the S'more cookie? It's a graham cookie, double dipped in creme icing and chocolate.

Producer Michelle had this review of the new cookie...."OMG They are AMAZEBALLS!"

According to reports, they are FLYING off the shelves, so if you know a Girl Scout, grab a box while you can!

Speaking of Girl Scouts, one New Jersey scout named Charlotte, recently penned a letter to a family friend, requesting that he consider purchasing a few boxes of her cookies.

The letter has been described as a 'brutally honest review' of her product. 

Mike Rowe, read 11-year-old Charlotte McCourt's letter on his podcast, "The Way I Heard It," and said that he appreciated her honesty.

The letter reads in part:

"I would like to tell you about the cookies, for some of the descriptions use false advertising (note: I am rating all the boxes on a scale of 1 to 10.  Ten being best, 1 being worst.)  Savannah Smiles are like sweet lemon wedges with just the right balance of sweet and sour.  This cookie gets a 7 for it's Devine taste.  Next is the Trefoil.  It is a plain butter cookie. I would give it a 6 because alone, it's sort of bland.  The Do Si Do is peanut butter sandwich. I give it a 5 for unoriginal bland flavor.

Last and yes, least, is Toffieetastic. It is a bleak, flavorless gluten-free wasteland. It is as flavorless as dirt. I give it a 1."

READ Charlotte's entire letter, reviewing all the cookies.

The family friend who received the letter, purchased 25 boxes!

But after Mike Rowe drew attention to it, Charlotte's letter went viral and her website was overrun with orders.

So far, she's sold more than 15,000 boxes of cookies, and she's asking even if you don't want a box for yourself, to buy one for our troops overseas.

CLICK HERE for Charlotte's Cookie ordering website. 

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