Quick thinking 911-dispatcher saves woman from jealous ex-boyfriend

This quick-thinking 911 dispatcher helped a woman in North Carolina escape her jealous ex who had locked her in his trunk. She had been able to call 911 initially to tell them that she was in the trunk of a car but then the dispatcher lost the call. 

The dispatcher did not want to give up so he reached for the community cell phone used to call the supervisor. He tried texting the woman's number and luckily she responded. They were able to get exchange enough information before the car stopped that the police rescued the woman from the car. 

The dispatchers' supervisor praised him for going above and beyond and he acknowledged that it was time to update the emergency communication systems. 

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In light of recent tragedies, Emergency Services is considering expanding the option to text 911. This could be life-saving to someone who is in a situation where voice-call would put them in more danger. 

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