Protest planned in Hawaii for Mark Zuckerberg and his wall

In Hawaii they won't be protesting Trump's wall.  Instead, they'll be protesting Facebook boy-genius and PC scold Mark Zuckerberg.

He spent $100 million on 700 acres of land on Kauai, which has been described as "secluded."

It turns out it's not as secluded as he wanted it to be, because locals have tried to use an old trail which passes through the property, and they're being harassed and intimidated by security.

In June 2016 Zuckerberg built a 6 foot wall along his property despite protests from locals who have called it a "monstrosity."

Now, about 200 locals are expected to show up and march in protest along the wall tomorrow.

Zuckerberg's land doesn't just belong to him.  several parcels belong to families who inherited it through the 167-year-old Kuleana Act.

The Act allowed native families to legally own the land where they lived, and then pass it down to future generations without a will.

The heirs are supposed to have the rights to the land as well, but Zuckerberg was able to buy controlling interest in the land.

Why does this guy need that much land?  You'd think he'd be the caring and sympathetic one and let the Hawaiians have their land back.

But no, instead he builds a wall and has his security harass locals.

And he talks bad about Trump?!

What a hypocrite.

Read more at the SacBee.

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