Pretty Pittie Puts Puppies in Foster Mom's Lap

Face it, there are just days that you want to see a story that makes you smile.  I think this one will do the trick.

This pit bull, named Grayce, is very thankful to her foster mom for getting her out of a bad situation while she was pregnant.After giving birth, Grayce shows that gratitude by taking all of her puppies (we count at least 10) one by one and putting them ever so gently in her foster mom's lap. You can just feel the love this Grayce feels for her foster mom.  The fact that she is bringing her puppies to her means that Grayce completely trusts her foster mom with her newborns.And foster mom doesn't mind at all, I mean, who wouldn't want a lap full of adorable puppies!  There are days I wish I had that here at work! 

Here's another version of the video that was recently shared by The Dodo.

To those that foster animals like Grayce...THANK YOU for what you do!   I implore everyone to be a responsible dog owner and get their dogs spayed and neutered, there are already so many pets that need please, support your local animal shelters and rescue organizations and please ADOPT DON'T SHOP!  We need to put puppy mills out of business! 

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