Maverick - Dog who 'touched the hearts of millions' dies

A few months ago, Maverick, the Golden Retriever touched the hearts of millions after workers at a Lowe's store helped Maverick's family find a wagon to help them take their dog on one final walk around the neighborhood. The nine-year-old retriever suffered from lymphoma as well as a nerve issue that prevented him from using his hind legs in his final months. 

Maverick's rides through DeLand, a city outside of Orlando, was covered by his Facebook page 'Everybody Loves Maverick', which is liked by over 14,000 people. 

His owner, Joey Maxwell, confirmed Maverick's passing in a post on Sunday morning. 

People posted condolences for Maxwell's loss on Maverick's page. 

"Thinking of Maverick's Mommy and Daddy. Everyone truly Loved Maverick. Love from Alabama."

"Literally cried myself to sleep thinking of Mav eeee boy and how sad you guys have to be feeling. I know how hard this is and I pray that G-d gives you the strength . That boy has touched so many lives an I know you know how blessed you are to be his mom and dad . No matter if you coukd see him, that sweetheart is with you in every way but physical,just like always. May G-d watch over you all and may Maverick''s love and inspiration keep you going until you meet him again." 

"I am sorry for the loss of the beloved Mav. My heart goes out to you."

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