From: BILL

Sent:  May 05, 2014 8:37 AM

Subject:Racist Handel

Once again, you leapt to the race-card, you hate-mongering joo**.

As with your gay Kenyan messiah, Barry Soetoro, you sunk your grievous hooks into Sterling as soon as the illegal recordings hit the TZM air. You bad-mouthed and castigated Sterling for being an out and out racist, a monster and a black-hating fiend, deserving of worse than extortion of his team out of his hands. Now, with your fetid foot in your mouth again, the alleged "victim" of Sterlings racism, this dubious "V Stiviano" has now spilled to Barbara Walters that she in NO WAY feels that Donald Sterling is a "racist".

Well, that's good that she realizes that, being that 12 of his 14 man team is BLACK. If anything, Sterling is biased against White people. So where's your big retraction and public apology? No? Now all you can do is change course to slander V Stiviano as being a "Wing-Nut"?

If anything, V Stiviano is a criminal for intentionally making covert audio tapes of Sterling for the purpose of helping lover Magic Johnson to crowbar Sterling's team away from him. I need to avoid 640 AM KFI on the morning commute. By the time I get to work, your hateful, disingenuous, White-hating, heterophobic blather has me puking up my breakfast.

Way to go, joo.

You are a waste of electrons, My Friend.

** (Joo - noun 1. Hateful person, sitting on a self-righteous perch, waiting for any opportunity to slander and hate-monger in order to further race-baiting and to foment racial insurrection against White gentiles; 2. Hateful person who spends inordinate time profiting from promoting the concept of the "victim-class" by spurring minorities to hate White goyam people; 3. Hateful person who thinks they are racking up Brownie points with some imaginary racial minority authority for their overt acts of slander against White gentiles in favor of minorities; 4. Any fake poser who pretends to be of the Hebrew faith, yet ignores any religious aspects, for the purpose of mounting a "High-Horse" so they can feel superior to the White gentiles who fund them; 5. A hateful, race-baiter who willingly discounts someone's Hebrew religion and attack them as if they were goy, in order to pursue the imagined adulation and admiration from an imaginary minority authority that is imagined to be watching the slanderous attack with glee.)