From: Listener
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013To: Kube, Michelle
Subject: Hillary Clinton

OK, this is actually for you Michelle since I know you read all Bill's e-mails.


I don't know what you have against Hillary Clinton, I really don't, and I don't know why you jump on the bandwagon every time one of the morning crew starts their cruel comments about her looks and weight.  This morning was no different.

Clinton is extremely well educated having graduated from Yale Law, fairly good looking at age 65, has been the First Lady, a serious Presidential contender, a Senator and Secretary of State, all of which  are huge accomplishments on their own, and she has even won a Grammy.  Yet you and the rest of the morning crew continually deride her for her looks and her voice.  What is it about this woman that you hate so much you have to make fun of her every time she is mentioned?  Are you so jealous of her that you resort to being a junior high bully making fun of her looks?  I might remind you that by your own admission you are "reasonably OK looking" and overweight yourself?  I doubt seriously you would like anyone overlooking your accomplishments and instead focusing on your looks and weight.

Women have enough of a hard time getting at the top of the ladder without having another woman put them down; I can't tell you how much that disgusts me.  Instead of putting her down and trying to be "one of the boys" why don't you open your mouth and stick up for her?  In other words, grow up and quit being a bully.