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Hey are you going to sing


Ya but its not a song, its my life


Its my life, whatever I wanna do

Its my life, where ever I want to go

Its my life, whom I wanna love oooo…..oooo…oooo

Its my life whatever I wanna talk

Its my life, where ever I wanna walk

Its my life, whom I wanna leave oooo…..oooo…oooo


If you live like that do you know what people will think about you?


People think that I am some what mental

They don’t know that I am very sentimental

A friend of mine said I am a waste fellow

He don’t know the taste of this fellow ooo…

My teacher scold me that I neglect education

She don’t know I collect real education

My neighbor thinks that I am wasting my time…

He don’t know that he is wasting his time.

My mother sees me and she always bother

My father trusts me and treats me like his father


Hey Hey Hey! What the hell do you think of yourself


I always search good in bad

I always shearch bad in good


I am a very good bad boy (x3)

I am a day dreamer

I am a night worker

I am a risk taker

I am a self Blamer

I am a brain eater

I am a heart stealer

I am a mind reader

I am a truth finder

I am a smart cheater

I am a pain killer

I am a good teacher

I am a perfect learner

I am a back bencher

I am a new sencer

I am a kids lover

I am a soul builder

I am very anger

I know its very danger

I am a life driver

I am a routine changer

I am a rules breaker


I start a new chapter

Ok. Ok. Ok. So what do you wanna convey everyone????


Just leave everyone… believe only one

If you don’t like anyone… live alone (X2)


Na na na (x A LOT)


La la la la (x A LOT)

*Creepy laugh*


Don’t believe me, I'm a true lyer