Franklin is an 8-year-old male terrier mix, about 10 pounds, and named after the infamous Ben Franklin... but of course the founding father wasn't homeless! The four-legged Franklin was found wandering the streets and placed in the Downy City Shelter. He was red-zoned for euthanization. But luckily, he was rescued by Pet Orphans in time. Franklin is the sweetest little dog, so please consider giving him a good home. He's cream colored with the cutest, scruffiest face and big brown eyes that'll just melt ya! Pet Orphans has had him for about 2 months now... so please don't pass up this opportunity to have the greatest family dog on the planet!



Meet the Chi-wow-wow girls! Maya, Lily and Latte. It's a sad story for these tiny girls.... Maya and Lily were part of 11 adult and puppy Chihuahuas that were dropped off at Pet Orphans by a distraught woman who was thrown out of her apartment by the manager. Since she was homeless, she couldn't take care of 11 dogs. They had nowhere else to go. Maya is about a year old and her coloring is black and red. Lily is about 2 years old and tri-colored -- black, white and brown. Latte is the 5-year-old white and tan Chihuahua surrendered by her owner -- she and the owner's child didn't see eye-to-eye. All the girls are a little shy, but friendly, you just have to go slow with them.

All the dogs are spayed or neutered, up-to-date with shots and microchipped. Pet Orphans just opened their low-cost vet clinic this week. They're opened all weekend long to accommodate your schedule.

Pet Orphans of Southern California, 1-800-400-PETS,, 7720 Gloria Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406 -- right off the 405 by Sherman Way.