“Choo-Choo” (AKA “Chewy”)



All Aboard for Choo-Choo!!….. AKA “Chewy”  This amazing little Chi-WOW-WOW will track his way right into your heart when you meet him at Pet Orphans of Southern California.  He’s only 5 years old and up-to-date on all his vaccines, micro-chipped, protected from fleas and ticks, and wormed.   Choo-Choo’s human daddy passed away unexpectedly and was left all alone.  Luckily, a family friend brought him in to Pet Orphans for adoption.  The family friend would have adopted this cutie-pie himself, but his landlady had threatened to throw him out if he brought the dog home.    Choo-Choo is lovable, playful  and enjoys cuddling up in your lap for hours… if he’s not too busy kissing you!    He’s definitely not one of those yappy little dogs – he’s a calm, sweetheart that only wants to please you.   Choo-Choo is housebroken and well-trained. He loves other animals and is great for first-time dog owners… as well as you seasoned pros!  

Come and visit Choo-Choo and his friends at Pet Orphans.  You can also see him on the Pet Orphan’s website:  www.petorphans.org or call 1-800-400-PETS for more info.