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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Multiplayer action has been part of video-games going back to "Pong," and ever since home consoles went online, few major games are released without some way to compete or cooperate with friends.

But online play has become predictable, too often settling for some variation of death match or capture-the-flag.

This year, more online games are finding new ways to encourage teamwork.

"It's a big co-op year at E3," said "Evolve" designer director Chris Ashton at the 2K Games booth. 

"That's cool. I grew up with a little sister who never wanted to play games against me. She only wanted to play games if we played together. So if there are more co-op games out there, I'm excited to play them."

Here are five games from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo that promise something different when it comes to cooperative titles:

— "Evolve" (2K Games) pits four players against one. Sounds unfair, but the four teammates are mere humans sent to track down and slay a massive monster. In the E3 demo, it's a kraken who can fly and shoot lightning bolts, and it evolves into an even more dangerous beast as it gobbles up helpless wildlife. The hunters — assault, trapper, medic and support — are no dummies, though, and the climactic battles are exhausting and exhilarating.

— "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege" (Ubisoft) matches a five-man SWAT team against five terrorists who are holding a hostage in a suburban home. Can the good guys break through the bad guys' defenses and rescue the innocent civilian? It's more like a high-stakes chess match than a bang-bang shoot-'em-up.

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