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Wahoo's Fish Taco's will be participating in OC Restaurant Week!
With an amazing menu, click here to view their menu!
Get to know Wahoo's a little better!

Wahoos Fish Tacos was first established in 1988, with the combination of Mexican/Asian/Brazilian menu with a surfer culture.

They began with 3 brothers Mingo, Ed and Wing. Their family lived in Brazil at a young age, helping in their parent’s Chinese restaurant. The family moved to Southern California where they were exposed to the surfing culture, also exposing them to Mexico’s fish tacos! In 1988 the brothers brought the fish taco here to Southern California adding a twist to them. The goal was to have a place where surfers and hungry people, could go and get some refreshing, good, and cost efficient food.

According to the Wahoo’s Fish Taco website:
The brothers decorated the original restaurant with the donations of near-by surf companies and that's how Wahoo's Fish Taco was born. Wahoo's then quickly developed a loyal and steady following, to where some locals came in daily and servers automatically knew what their customer would order.

In 1990, Steve K, joined as a partner and the one location in Costa Mesa rapidly developed into multi-locations in Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach. Today you will find over 50 locations of Wahoo's all throughout California and Colorado, including Texas and Hawaii.

Not only is Wahoo’s a fantastic place to eat! It is a primary example of a successful establishment that gives back to its community!

We are extremely pleased to be hosting them here on The Fork Report! Tune in!

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