From our good friend Joshua Lurie at Food GPS:

Meatballs are not limited to Italian restaurants anymore, and forget the classic trinity of beef, pork and veal. Anything that walks, flies or swims is now fair game for making a meatball. Here are 21 of my favorite L.A. meatballs, some recognizable classics, others highly original.

1. Bestia Beef Meatballs: At the buzzworthy California-influenced Italian restaurant led by chefs Ori Menashe and pastry chef/wife Genevieve Gergis, most dishes have original twists, and their Beef Meatballs ($13) are no exception. Top round, ricotta soaked bread ends, fennel, oregano, fermented chile, a hint of anchovy and pork fat all factor into their meatballs, which sport a good sear and arrive on an intensely flavorful bed of braised beet greens, soffrito, and tomato.


2. Bucato Spicy Pork Meatballs: Executive chef and co-owner Evan Funke installed a prolific pasta laboratorio in this unique Helms Bakery restaurant, but this is also the man who created a textbook porchetta sandwich, and when he was at Rustic Canyon, a brilliant burger. Clearly, Funke knows meat. His meatball preparations change, just like everything on Bucato’s menu. One recent incarnation consisted of Spicy Pork Meatballs ($15), fluffy, herb flecked orbs served atop roasted tomatoes, escarole and a soft pool of polenta in a cast iron skillet. Arugula completes the vivid picture.

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