According to First We Feast, a heartbroken man named Chase Compton found a creative outlet on Yelp.  He chronicled his love life and break up through restaurant reviews, almost as a personal diary.

Compton met his ex-lover on OKCupid, but things turned sour nine months into their relationship, which is when he turned to Yelp to let it all out.

“Being madly in love, I would sit on the patio…and stare longingly into his eyes like I could fall into them like an endless cup of dark brown coffee… He’s my favorite dining companion because everything tastes good when I’m around him…He reaches over the table without asking and removes the two eggs from my plate and places them on his own…Ever since I first met him, I knew that I would forever live on the patio of Cafe Mogador with him…There is nothing in the world I would rather do than sit there on that patio and not eat eggs with him.”

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