PLEASE help thy neighbor today. "EZ Pound of Ground" fundraiser launched by local farms & ranches to aid West Marin’s Porrata-Powell family. The mother Alex Porrata, who I went to high school with, is struggling to make ends meet after the unexpected death on February 2nd of her husband Roneil Powell. This happened just weeks after their 4-year-old son EZ (Zeke) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Mother and children are being put through a series of tests of courage and character that will make you question everything you know to be true.

To help a few of us Victorian Farmstead, Tara Firma Farms and BN Ranch have launched the "EZ Pound of Ground" fundraiser (details below), with 100% of proceeds supporting the Roneil Powell Memorial Fund.

The Fundraiser is : An "Ez Pound of Ground" Turkey or Beef for $20.

This is a great way for a community to show its support to a member of society taht has been having a hard time.

Make donations and get more info by clicking here on





*The image of the family was taken from the Cropmobster website taken by Paige Green