Runner Up:

A podcast that is designed to help you sleep.  It worked for some of the staff here at SMN, just don't operate heavy machinery while listening to podcast.




The Nine News Nuggets You Need to Know.


Honorable Mention

Canadian Scientists Raise Fish To Walk On Land



3 Delaware Daycare Employees Accused of Encouraging Toddlers to Fight 



Cannibal Restaurant 'with roased human heads on the men' shut down by police



Parisian kicked off flight 'because he smelled'



The VA Shows Their Respect to Vets by Depicting Them as Sesame Street Character 'Oscar the Grouch'



Chinese boy can't hear his cartoons, cuts high-rise worker's safety rope



Why it's legal to walk around naked in Kansas



Deputy Who Hit Biking Napster Exec While Driving Distracted Won't Face Charges



Funeral horse pulling hearse dies mid-procession in east London



Meet the Woman Who Wants to reduce The Male Population by 90% "For Peace"