(Photos Courtesy: Winston Lee, Tarte Asian Yogurt)

When you mom makes your favorite treat when you're a kid, how do you thank her?

By taking that recipe and turning it into a successful product!

Winston and Henry Lee's parents left Vietnam in a crowded fishing boat in 1975. Their mother raised them on a tight budget.

But as kids, they say they always loved it when she would make them homemade yogurt, for them it was a special treat.  

In 2009, when the recession hit, Winston thought it would be the best time for him to 'take a chance' on a new career.  He and his brother saw the recent popularity of Greek yogurt and decided to use their mom's recipe as a base for a new kind of yogurt that was higher in protein and lower in calories and fat.

Tarte Asian Yogurt was born.

The brothers have self funded their business, and now Tarte is now sold in more than 500 grocery stores in Southern California, Texas, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C.

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