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If you don't know Grumpy Cat by now, you're living under a rock.

Grumpy Cat is a certified celebrity and success story….all because of the permanent expression on her face. Her mouth is permanently in a ‘grumpy’ position.

Grumpy Cat has:

Grumpy was born on April 12, 2012 in Morristown, Arizona.

Her real name is 'Tardar Sauce.' 

Her owner, Tabatha, 28, says her grumpy face is due to a form of feline dwarfism and an under bite.

Grumpy and her brother, Pokey, were born to normal feline parents, but she is the only one with the grumpy expression.

Ironically, Grumpy Cat, is ‘lovable, calm, sweet and loves being held’, while her brother Pokey looks sweet but has the grumpy personality.

September of 2012, Tabatha’s brother, Bryan was visiting her in Arizona. He took a video of Tardar and posted it to YouTube.  He also snapped a photo and posted it to Reddit.  In 36 hours the YouTube video was viewed more than 1.5 million times.

On Reddit, people thought the cat’s irritated aka ‘grumpy’ expression was funny and started using the photo and putting various captions on them and sharing them online. Within weeks, it had been shared millions of times.

THAT is what CAT-apulted Grumpy Cat to international fame!

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