So, I was at the salon today getting blonder and there was a little boy, maybe about 5, playing on his mom’s phone with the volume turned ALL THE WAY UP. Now, if I was the mom I’d probably have him turn it down out of consideration for others. That was not what she did. Now, who knows? Maybe, the kid’s dad just died. You know what I mean? Maybe, they’ve had a bad day and she wants the kid to be happy. Or maybe, the kid is annoying as hell and anything that keeps his attention is golden and is not to be messed with in any way. You never know what journey someone is on blah, blah, blah…. But what would you do?

a)      Slap the phone out of the kid’s hands and say, “Turn that s#$% off kid!”

b)      Throw stuff at mom

c)      Politely ask mom if the volume could be turned down because you’re TRYING to read Game of Thrones and it’s a tense scene damn it!

d)      Do nothing and angrily text a friend