So, you made it through the horrifying sex trafficking stories from last week. Thank you! I got a lot of email from people who help these girls so I'm going to post it here.

This is the non-profit I worked with on this.

Tons of info on their site about the problem, the solutions, and how everyone can help...also GREAT preventative tips.


This is from listener, Marc Evans:


Several of my friends called me and told me about your series on human trafficking.  They recommended that I share my info with you. I recently wrote a book about human trafficking here in the United States. It is titled "Selling the Daughters of America"  It is designed to raise awareness. It is a simple read and my credentials give me much credibility.  I have attached my book cover that has my brief bio and I have provided the link to the book if you think it offers anything of value to your show/efforts.  The book is called, "Selling the Daughters of America"  I am an LAPD lieutenant that has worked human trafficking to a large extent.  I have also attached the book cover for review.

Keep up the good work to raise awareness, It is greatly needed.

Facebook page:



Here's info for a local event:

Hello Shannon,

There is an upcoming event about Human Trafficking. It would nice if you could come to this or let people know about it. This is the link:


Jesus Alvarez


Here's more from listener Joanne:

Good Morning Shannon,

A friend of mine called me this morning about your topic Sex Trafficking.  This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  My daughter Nicole just completed a  film called 8 Days.   Its about how her character was trafficked by her friends or so called friends.  The film will be released soon in Dallas, then in Los Angeles.  If interested please check out  Thanks for bringing awareness to this horrific crime.  

The IMDB link is

Thanks everyone!!