Hi guys.

So, there's a new blog format. I can't choose my font and this troubles me. I liked my old font. This one is boring.

However, Ken talked about having a cat-lick shower at the beginning of the show today and well, I can't get that outta my head so I decided to ignore them for awhile and blog.

You guys keep tweeting about John and the Kleenex box. Yes, he still throws the damn thing every day at 3. And yes, Ken still walks over and picks it up sometime in the 4 o'clock hour and takes a tissue from it then places it back on the table.

Has this gone on for 25 years? I don't know.

Hold on...Gotta write some news...Standby...

Ok. I'm back.

How about a poll?! Let's see if I can figure out how to put a poll on this baby.

First, maybe you could come up with a poll question? Yes! You come up with it so I don't have to...Perfect. I'll post it tomorrow.

Let me troll through some of the polls other shows have posted for an example...Oh, here's one!

Poll: Best Sochi Uniform


Ok, now make sure your poll is better than that. Back to work.