I stopped by the neighborhood Ralphs the other day and was pulling in a lane to park...

Looked pretty packed. Ohh, wait! What's that right there?

A SPACE! Wait. What does that sign say? I've never noticed it before...

Seriously? At first, I thought, "Oh that's kinda cute." Then I thought, "Wait. Don't be a weiner (As John would say)!"

I mean, what the H? It's a bit paternalistic I'd say. Like, "Look here little lady; a spot just for you! I'll take care of ya! *wink * I know what's best for you!"

The night before I saw this sign I saw Eric Leonard's very pregnant wife. She recently ran a half marathon and the night I saw her she had just walked up the hill at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a hike. Hey Eric, maybe spring for a box the next time your wife is 8 and a half months pregnant. Kidding. Kidding. (We were also in the bench seats)

A study came out last week that says obese moms are more likely to have heavier babies/kids and that it's a good idea for mom to lose a bit before the baby is born. You know, maybe walk a bit--maybe you don't NEED that spot--maybe it would be good for baby to walk.  

Now, I know there is a study for everything. There's probably one that says obese moms breed geniuses. But that one I mentioned is a study that supports my blog rant so I'm using it.

I also know that if I was pregnant I'd eat like a maniac, I'd take that parking spot every time and I'd punch this blog writer right in the jaw.