This may be the best listener email ever.
Hi Shannon,
I’m responding to your recent Blog about John & Ken’s favorite audio drop…WITH the prize being a one-time ranting author in your blog spot…so here goes:
Let’s start off clearing the air a bit first.  As I was a hardcore [ninja warrior, Jedi Master,….etc] supporter of #TeamSerious during the #ClipOff competition, I’d spend blocks of free time opening endless repetitive browsers to vote for the epic, awesome audio clip “Seriously”. 
Even when the odds were against us and the team was losing….I’d sacrifice and extra hour before feeding our cats to vote over and over and over [and over] again for #TeamSeriously until those voting percentages stacked in favor of #TeamSerious.  The cats we’re particularly unhappy about this but then again, I controlled the food & that’s really all that mattered & deep down I think they understood I was under the gun & under desperate voting time constraints. [They’re so lovable like that].
Soooo…the hard work of every #TeamSerious member miraculously pulled the ultimate upset and made it to the #Clipoff FINALS!  The FINALS!! Shannon….THE FINALS!!!
Game on..this was it! I was ready for an endless barrage of opening browsers…voting, voting, voting and yes….voting.
I even pulled out my old Queen CD and played “We Are the Champions in the background” as I defraged my computer allowing for the maximum space possible for the browser blast of votes!
 I cleared my calendar, cancelled going to a close friends funeral,  put the cats outside for the night [even though there were reports of rapid coyotes outside] to get ready for THE BATTLE  against a very WORTHY and well deserved competitor named Doug Steckler.  The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!
This is the material #TeamSeriously LIVES FOR!!!  You cheered us on, you prepped us, you toughened us up. We were THERE…READY to go to battle like a pack of rabid Game of Thrones fans…. ….until….the night….of the final round…..and this tweet:
 @shannonfarren Apr 4 :@ConwayShow I've decided I like Steck more than I like #teamseriously. Vote Steck!!! @KFIAM640
All that was left was …. Silence…disbelief….and than a whole bunch more of the silence stuff.  Then running to the refrigerator and eating 3 gallons of neopolitian ice cream to sooth the burning wound of abandonment.  
It was like getting to the top of Mt Everest and taking the last grueling desperate steps to the peak…and finding yourself slipping on a loose rock and falling back down the mountain…..28,000 long grueling torturous feet falling and falling while watching that epic peak of victory vanish before your eyes….[and winding up at the bottom of the mountain carelessly building little sand castles out of the dirt to kill some time].   
Now…I can’t even listen to Queen anymore & left feeding a small pack of coyotes in the backyard every night [with small bits of cat furr in their teeth].  I can’t even take ANYTHING Seriously anymore…. #seriously.
#NotReally #TeamSeriousRocks