I know you're at work right now and counting down the hours till you can get your hands on that first glass of Franzia so I've decided to give you yet another way to rationalize your boozery.

The State of the Union Drinking Game

First off, I can't figure out the way to make this font bigger anymore. The tool bar has changed and I'm too lazy to walk down the hall and ask the smart internet people how to fix it.

Now, here you go. When the President mentions these words, follow the instructions.

Side note: Please no drinking and driving/texting.

-Executive, Drink 2

-Order, Drink 1

-Troops, Drink 1

-Immigration, Drink 2

-Reform, Drink 1

-I, swig a sip of water (It's that stuff that looks like Vodka, but isn't)

POSTGAME: Call the Moistline. Go to bed.