…will teach you many things. I think I’ll spend this week highlighting what you can learn on a simple stroll around here. Today, I found this:





OK. I’ve tried 4 times to take a better picture and keep failing so just know it says things like: don’t break anything. Don’t use someone’s desk as a staging area for birthday cake prep, don’t steal someone’s headphones, oh and don’t steal other stuff like books, t-shirts, magazines or anything else found in this office.


Hmm. This taught we that we work with children who are kind of aholes. I mean, people should not have to post a sign like this.  Then I walked a bit further and saw another new sign.



This one is a little much. I mean, we have an entire room filled with chairs. It’s not like there is a shortage of them. Tomorrow, will be lesson 2. See you back here