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Longtime friend of The Mo’Kelly Show Hannibal Tabu joins the shows and essentially breaks down the essence of what makes Wonder-Con so special.

Hannibal Tabu is a writer, a brother, a husband, a misanthrope, a son, an emcee, an uncle, a poet, a father, a designer, a nephew, a romantic, a storyteller, and by god, a fan.

He spent more than twenty years doing the journalist thing for Vibe, Slave Trade, MTV Online, The Los Angeles Wave Newspaper, Rap Pages, America Online, the Los Angeles Sentinel, Spinnerrack.com, Speak and The Source.

He is the winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, writer of New Money for Canon Comics, Waso: Will To Power for Stranger Comics, four issues of Project: Wildfire for Legends Press, three issues of Menthu for Hometown Studios and co-writer of an issue of Watson & Holmes for New Paradigm Studios. In 2015, he is slated to be the writer of the Aspen Sourcebooks for the makers of Fathomand Soulfire.

In addition, Hannibal is the co-owner and editor-in-chief of the Black geek channel Komplicated at the Good Men Project, and uses his website (www.hannibaltabu.com) to publish his poetry, market what he’s doing, rant at the world and emit strangled cries for help.

For more information visit - hannibaltabu.com