With all the Ice Bucket Challenge talk, I thought I would shine a light on another amazing group of people who could really use your help.  Our veterans.

Right now, a Marine veteran is riding cross country, from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to Camp Pendleton on horseback to raise awareness and money for wounded veterans.

Matt Littrell served two tours in Iraq and he says the experience left deep scars, the kind that aren't always visible, the kind that are so painful and hard to deal with, that it makes you think about ending it all.  Read more about him HERE.

He decided to do something to draw attention to what veterans deal with, so back in May he decided to ride cross country and generate as much attention as possible, and to show veterans that someone cares.

His goal is to raise $7 million, and I believe he can do it!

Follow Matt's progress on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.  

Make a donation to his Semper Fi fund HERE.  The fund goes to help wounded, critically ill and injured members of the Armed Forces and their families to make sure that they are taken care of.

I will be donating today, I hope that you will consider donating as well.

Semper Fi Matt!