No, this is not the giraffe riddle. Which someone told me I got wrong, then I called bullsh** because I got it RIGHT according to this article.

But here's a pic of Handel with a giraffe for you anyway, just because.

I have another riddle for you.

A husband and wife reside in a home with a small dog, 5 1/2 pounds in size.

On Sunday, the wife makes a 13x9 inch yellow marble cake with chocolate frosting while the husband is at work.  She eats a piece 2x2 in size.

In the fridge are FOUR full gallons of milk.  In addition to the cake, the wife has ONE 8 oz glass of milk.

The wife goes to bed.  The husband returns home after she is asleep.

On Monday, the wife leaves for work at 3am.  When she returns home from work at 1pm, there is ONE corner piece of cake 3x3 in size left and TWO gallons of milk are missing.

Both the dog and the husband deny they had anything to do with it.


Post your answer here. If you're wrong, you have to post  one of these photos of Princess up on your Facebook page or in your office cubicle for ONE day.