I know, you clicked on this because of the title, and I promise you, you will not regret it. 

But before we get to that, I just wanted to give you a few reasons to follow us on Twitter @billhandelshow and Facebook‏.  Here are a few of our recent Tweets, which, I promise, includes the OMG about Rich:

Did you notice that when Handel said "hard of hearing" he started talking LOUDER?

OK, Handel just walked in with a plate filled with 4 sausages. 4. Whole. Sausages. Some kind of apple, spinach, garlic thing #Costctolover

Just B 4 a spot, Handel was eating, so he SPIT his food in 2 his hand, did the spot, then popped it back in when done #professionalbroadcaster

I think the NSA hacked our company network. We were down for almost an hour, no internet access, nada. What did we say NSA?

thanks @MstrBig for this CLASSIC PICof Marotta! looking good @boxingrich

WTF is this on Handel's desk!!!!!

WDDGD? What Does David Geffen Do? Well, he just acts like a dick.

Is it 'synapsis' or 'synopsis' Bill?

'Valley of the PROPHETS' not 'Valley of the Profits' didn't catch that yesterday in Bill's Hillside Memorial spot. *chuckle*

OMG I just threw up in my mouth a little....Handel said Marjorie thought he was a gigolo. Image. I. Can't. Remove. From. My. Brain.