Early in the morning of June 13th, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered outside of Nicole's Brentwood condo while her small children slept inside.

This set off an entire year of a massive media frenzy regarding OJ Simpson.

The OJ Simpson saga basically put KFI on the map.  From John & Ken's "Hour of OJ" to our show's daily minute-long recap of the trial 'soap-opera style' called "Orenthal's Hope', it gave us a LOT of fodder for a long, long time.

Dick Cabeza, King of the Parody Songs on The Bill Handel Show from 1993-2001, found this time to be very inspiring.

So, I'd like to bring you back 20 years with this Dick Cabeza OJ-Palooza.

The stories that came out of the OJ Simpson trial era led to dozens of parody songs, some tasteless, some heartbreaking, but always at least a tiny bit entertaining.

The 'Ballad of OJ' tells the entire story in one song. (featuring Paul T. Wall)

There was only one witness to the deaths of Nicole and Ron, and that was Nicole's Akita, Kato. (featuring Paul T. Wall)

Here's a parody of what the trial seemed like most days. (Featuring Rich Marotta as Judge Lance Ito, Producer Madalyn as Marcia Clark, Dick Cabeza as Johnny Cochran, Ken Gallacher as F. Lee Bailey, and Paul T. Wall as both Chris Darden and OJ)

We got sick of the trial after awhile and decided to do a song that DIDN'T talk about the trial (Featuring Dick Cabeza and Paul T. Wall)

One of the most entertaining characters of the trial was attorney F. Lee Bailey (featuring Dick Cabeza)

The accusation that OJ's DNA was 'planted' during the trial led to this one (Featuring Michael Crozier)

Judge Lance Ito LOVED the media attention the trial brought. (Featuring Michael Crozier)

'OJ' explains what happened on the night of the murders in this song (Featuring Dick Cabeza)

A heartbreakingly, poignant song sung from the perspective of Ron Goldman (Featuring Paul T. Wall)

"OJ" explains that he's upset that he ruined his leather gloves, given to him by Nicole (featuring Paul T. Wall)

Everyone saw Robert Kardashian on television walk away with OJ's suitcase and garment bag...they were never seen again. (Featuring Michael Crozier and Paul T. Wall)

LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman got most of the blame for OJ's acquittal.  Here's a little parody of what happened in court and a song about it. (Featuring Paul T. Wall)

When Bill was the first local radio host to interview Mark Fuhrman, he was able to convince him to sing a song about himself to the tune of the Macarena

Paul T. Wall singing as OJ about his savior, Johnny Cochran...