If you're a Breaking Bad fan, but haven't seen the series finale yet, or if you plan to watch it and don't want to know what happens...STOP reading now.

Last night was the series finale of Breaking Bad, a show that in my book is one of the best on television EVER.  Everything from the cast, the writing, the production, the editing was simply fantastic.

It's spawned a middle school musical...

I'll be honest, it took me a few episodes to really get into it, I didn't like the idea of a show focusing on a meth dealer,  but I soon realized that the show was so much more than that.  It was so much more complex then that, and there lies the beauty of the show.

I never really thought of Bryan Cranston as a serious actor...I thought he was just comedic one, after his hilarious stint on Malcom in the Middle, but I realized that he had so much more depth to his abilities, all because of the character of Walter White.

The show made you care about Walter, even has he transforms from a mousy, forgettable regular guy chemistry teacher into the brutal frightening meth kingpin known as Heisenberg.  It made you care about Jesse, played by Aaron Paul, a druggie with a heart, who had what could be best called a father/ son relationship with Walter, despite everything they've been through.

Now I've been burned before by TV shows.  The Sopranos which I also think was one of the best shows on television, sorely disappointed me with their finale.  And Dexter REALLY disappointed me recently....so I was fully expecting that Breaking Bad would end like that one season of Dallas where Bobby was dead but it was all 'just a dream'.  I swore if Jesse woke up drooling with his head on his desk while Walter White was standing at the blackboard teaching chemistry I would LOSE IT.

Well, the finale did not disappoint. It was phenomenal.  It gave us answers to everything, it wrapped it all up in a a nice little bow and completely respected the fans that have come to love it.

I KNEW that Walter would never be able to kill Jesse, I KNEW it.  I also knew that Jesse could never kill Walt. I knew that it couldn't end with anything but Walt's death, but would he die in a hail of bullets, by his own hand or would the cancer he was suffering from ultimately take him?

Well, he died with his love....the cook....in the middle of a meth lab. His earlier admission finally to Skylar that he didn't keep doing it for the family but rather instead for HIM because he was good at it was so incredibly refreshing.

Now, I was hoping that at some point in that final episode, leading up to the final showdown, that he would shave his head again and actually be Heisenberg at the end.  But he wasn't. And for a moment I was REALLY disappointed.  But then I realized that at the end, they wanted you NOT to see Heisenberg at all. 

They wanted to bring it full circle and wanted you to see him exactly how it all began, with Walter White looking exactly like that normal, mousy boring, chemistry teacher he started out to be. That's how they wanted to leave it for you, to remind you of the man you felt empathy for....and it was brilliant.

Cheers to creator Vince Gilligan and the entire Breaking Bad cast, crew, producers, editors, etc...everyone.

You did all of us proud!