At my local mall, we have a new menace.

They have this little 4 car train that winds its way around the complex (inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs) with a bunch of kids inside, and one or two adults. 

You can see it in this amateur video here starting at about 30 seconds in.

It goes faster than those little cars that you buy kids to, I dunno maybe 5 mph, and they don't seem to follow any rules of the road like stopping for pedestrians.  I know this personally because my hubby and I almost got run over when we were on our way to the Red Robin.

So... I have the following questions:

1) Is there an age or height limit for who can ride? 

I saw kids from what I guess were ages 2-10 riding it.

2) What kinds of safety procedures do they follow?

I didn't see any seatbelts and many of the kids were standing up inside the train or on the seats or leaning out the windows...I'm betting that a kid is going to fall out and smash their little head on the floor one of these days.

3) Do they drug test the snot-nosed teenager that drives it? 

After all, a grisly pileup at the bottom of the outside escalator would be rather horrifying to see after my Red Robin lunch.  If that happens, I want to know if this kid was drinking or high at the wheel.

4) If all parents can't ride with the kids, are any of them nervous that their kids won't be returned? 

Or are the Xanax-ed moms too engrossed with the newest $850 Jimmy Choo's that they aren't paying attention...

I'm just trying to start some discussion here.  So...discuss...