Yesterday, I'm out walking 3 obnoxious dogs in Arcadia.

They are a pain in the neck to walk all at once, but I didn't want to have to do 3 separate walks, which is what I do usually because it's easier.

Anyway, as I'm walking up the street, I see a pair of what look to be shoes in the street, close to the curb.

Sure enough, I walk up to them and they are these silver, glittery slingbacks with a Jimmy Choo label. (Later, when I researched it, I'm pretty sure they were these...which retail for about $675)

They looked to be 'about my size' (and if they were a little small trust me, I would have shoved my feet into them anyway.

They were really pretty except for the obvious VOMIT that was ALL OVER them.  I reached for my cell phone to snap a pic and realized I left it at home...I'm going to go by there today, if they're still there, I'll snap a photo.

Despite the vomit, I was still ALMOST TEMPTED to tote them home in my empty doggie bags to attempt to clean them off and keep them. (or sell them on Ebay)

They would've been my first pair of Jimmy Choos!

Sort of feel bad for the girl who had to abandon them....