So, you all know that I have been working for KFI for a long time.

21 years this August to be exact.

20 of those years I have worked directly with and most of the time in the same room directly across from...Bill Handel.

Now, that has some drawbacks including:

Burping. (mostly his, but I have to admit I've been guilty at least twice) 

The occasional fart (his, not mine, thank you, but thankfully, he did put an air purifier in the studio)

Nose picking. (Not mine)

Non-breakfasty food smells (see air purifier comment above)

There are more but just too many to list.

Maybe it's because Handel didn't major in radio in college that he doesn't know some of the basic Radio 101 rules and he fails at them.

Turn your mic ON and OFF yourself.  The on/off switch is the FIRST thing they teach you.

Always remember that even when the mic is off, YOU ARE IN A ROOM FULL OF MICROPHONES.

Don't curse.

And one that he breaks just about every day at some point.....When you have your headphones on and rest your head on your microphone...THERE WILL BE FEEDBACK, and you will blow out the ears of everyone wearing headphones!   Yeowch!

Here's what it sounds like to us it's MUCH WORSE...and painful!

Photo proof. (Photo taken by Producer Michelle)