This photo of a man's evacuation from the Boston bombing site in a wheelchair with help from a man in a cowboy hat was broadcast globally, and graphic images of his destroyed legs were circulated online.

That man was Jeffrey Bauman Jr. and he works for a Costco in New Hampshire.  Here's a story from the local newspaper and photo of some of his co-workers expressing their support.

I found this out a few days ago because my hubby works at Coscto and word has been circulating among the warehouses that he needed help. 

Jeff is the man who, as soon as he regained consciousness in the hospital, told someone to get the police quick because he saw a man drop a backpack before the explosions and could provide a description.

That description enabled police to comb through images from the event and find the bombers in photos that were then distributed to the public.

Both of Jeff's legs were amputated below the knee. Several news sources said that Jeff did not have medical insurance, but we confirmed that he DOES have medical insurance through Coscto, however we don't know the details of the plan or how much it covers, so it's safe to say with the extent of his injuries that he will still need assistance with medical bills.

An online fund to help with his medical expenses has been set up to try to raise $1 million.  So far it has collected over $600,000.  If you can help click here

Click here for information on One Fund Boston the charity that was formed to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston.