Now it's never funny when you have an armed guy running through your neighborhood.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in yesterday's standoff in North Hollywood.

But, in talking to Gary Hoffmann this morning, we did find something very funny.

Below are video screen shots of the end of the police standoff yesterday in North Hollywood that a friend of mine posted to their Facebook page after taking a photo of the screen with their phone. 

You can see what looks like a police dog lying next to the suspect watching him...then you see the other dog, looks like a lab, next to him checking things out.

Gary and I could 'hear' the dog's thinking.... "Hey! What's up!  Why is this guy lying down? Why are you watching him?  What's your name?  What's going on? Does he have a ball?  I bet he has a ball?  Where's the ball? Is he lying on the ball?"

Now, everyone knows what's happening in this one..."Yeah, so what are you going to do?  Where's the ball? Who are those guys yelling with the guns? Where's the ball? Did you see the ball? Wha...SQUIRREL!!!!!"