I have been BANNED by Facebook for 12 hours.

Apparently, I posted something that 'violated their community standards' rules.

Wanna know what I posted?

Here's the background. I had posted a story on my page about Christie Brinkley after seeing her on the cover of People Magazine, looking FABULOUS at the age of 60.  I met Christie about 10 years back when I was in the Hamptons at a frozen yogurt place and how she was amazingly beautiful in person without a stitch of makup on, she was also so incredibly sweet, and I had a short but really fun converstaion with her.

Well, I also 'like' Christie Brinkley on Facebook and someone posted a really nasty message, I mean NASTY message on her page about her People Magazine shoot. I responded with this, which is what apparently violated Facebook's 'community standards' for 'bullying'.

"Wow, (name of person), Jealous much? I've met Christie in person and I can tell you she looks even BETTER in person without any makeup than she does in a photo. Don't judge unless you've seen her in person....in addition, real beauty comes from within, and judging by your comments, that's something you may be missing."

So apparently, MY comment violated their standards, but this woman's comment didn't? WHAAA?

WTH Facebook?!