According to the SF Chronicle, Vanity license plates offer residents a chance to express some individuality on the road with a nickname, a hobby, your pets name, but some plates are just too much for the DMV.

The DMV employs 3 full-time workers to review about 90,000 applications for personalized license plates each year.  Citing poor taste, these workers turn down thousands each year.

See some of the rejected license plates below and read the full story at the SF Chronicle


Driver's explanation: "Prescription for success."

DMV response: "RX (drugs) for SX (sex)."


 Driver's explanation: "Blizzered pearl in the color of

the car so I've been blizzed."

DMV response: "Urban dictionary says it means

a euphoric feeling from an illegal substance,

usually marijuana."


Driver's explanation: "Tiny is my nickname and O.N.

is the initials of my girlfriend."

DMV response: "Tiny hard on, sexual connotations."